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Characteristics of Depression: Often Visible, Rarely Realized

Characteristics of Depression: Often Visible, Rarely Realized - When we feel unhappy doesn't mean we are experiencing depression. Not all negative feelings, such as sadness, anger, and even loss of interest in something, can be said to be depression.

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Because depression has specific symptoms in identifying or determining whether the person is experiencing depression or just ordinary emotions that we share, it could be headed that way if it's been going on for weeks.

Characteristics of Depression: Often Visible, Rarely Realized

This mental health disorder must be treated immediately because it can cause a decrease in quality of life. Such as disruption of social relations and work productivity to the emergence of the desire to commit suicide.

Characteristics/Signs of Mild Depression

People with depression do not always feel the same symptoms as others. Mild depression can generally hinder daily activities and social relationships, but it can still carry out activities even though it is slower. Here's the sign:

Loss of Passion for Life

The most commonly seen thing is a lack of passion for life or loss of hope. This is caused by feelings that repeatedly appear, such as feelings of anxiety and worry. So afraid to move.

Losing Interest

Depression can eliminate interest in things you like, leading to withdrawal from the environment that can interfere with social relations.

Always Feeling Tired

Depression often appears marked by a feeling of extreme tiredness. This is due to persistent bad moods. So that the body gets tired quickly.

Decreased Energy

Decreased energy can be one of the characteristics of depression. Usually, people with depression will prefer to stay alone in their room or at home, even though many ask them to go outside.

Easily offended

Because negative thoughts and feelings of anxiety often arise, people with depression will feel more easily offended.

A study says that men are more easily offended, vent anger when not in place, and engage in risky behavior than women.

In addition, men are less likely to be able to recognize and seek treatment if they have depression.

Characteristics/Signs of Severe Depression

Meanwhile, major depression is an advanced stage of existing symptoms. In contrast to mild depression, people with significant depression completely withdraw from their surroundings. 


Usually, depression appears to be accompanied by endless anxiety. In conditions of severe or major depression, this can exacerbate communication or social relationships with other people. Feelings of stress can be seen from several attitudes, namely:

  • Unable to relax
  • Panic and fear
  • Irregular or fast
  • breathing Heart beating fast
  • Excessive sweating
  • Shaking and difficulty focusing

Unstable Emotions

Usually, the duration of a person's anger is about 2 hours at most. Next is the feeling of disappointment and silence.

However, when experiencing depression, this condition is constantly felt and goes up and down for no apparent reason.

Drastic Weight Change

For people with depression, the weight will go up and down quickly depending on how the person responds to the mood when depressed.

Some experience a drastic increase in appetite; some do not feel hungry at all and are reluctant to eat.

To find out one way to be able to determine whether you are experiencing depression or not. Namely by asking whether he did it on purpose or not.

If not, it could be caused by depression.

Experiencing Changes in Sleep Patterns

This condition often occurs from adolescence to adulthood and can be a sign to watch out for.

This is caused by a problem that occurs and is thought of continuously or even wants to sleep all the time to forget about the issue.

Suicidal Desire

Generally, a person will show symptoms first by making the first try. Therefore, always pay attention to the surrounding environment and maintain communication to avoid severe depression.

The first step to identifying whether or not mental health is healthy is to find the cause.

I hope that reading the health information above regarding the characteristics of depression: often seen, rarely noticed, can help friends find a way out. So, you can get out of a bad mood and get ready to enjoy life!

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