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15 Effective Ways to Overcome Stress and Depression in a Short Time

15 Effective Ways to Overcome Stress and Depression in a Short Time - Stress is a feeling of being depressed that many factors can cause. Stress triggers take many forms, such as workload piling up, deadlines in sight, targets not being reached, to fights with friends or family.

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This is sometimes unavoidable and can make anyone who experiences it feel depressed. You can control your reaction to stress by doing fun things.

15 Effective Ways to Overcome Stress and Depression in a Short Time

So, here are some ways to get rid of stress through simple activities that you can do every day!

How to Get Rid of Stress and Depression

1. Listen to Music

Turn on your favourite music streaming app and put your favourite song out loud! Listening to music can be a powerful way to relieve stress.

If you want your mood to be calmer, try listening to classic Chopin, Beethoven and Bach songs.

If classical music isn't your thing, look for playlists with the theme of stress relievers, aka stress relievers, which are everywhere.

2. Good Food

Eating well is a quick way to be happy! When stressed, take a short break and order your favourite food via delivery. You can also buy the foods you crave directly.

Panacotta, cheesecake, spaghetti Aglio olio, chocolate candy, Oreos, egg rolls, or chicken noodles near the house. What is your favourite food?

3. Aromatherapy Candles

Relieving stress can also be done by lighting aromatherapy candles. The fragrance variants are diverse and can be chosen according to taste, such as lavender, vanilla, jasmine, chocolate, and others.

After turning it on for a few minutes, your body will feel more relaxed; your mind will be much calmer.

4. Warm Water Baths

Being tired from working all day in the office can be a stressor. My brain is pounding, my body is aching, and I don't feel enthusiastic! Eliminate your lethargy by taking a warm bath at night before going to bed.

You can add essential oils or Epsom salts to make your body feel better. After that, drink milk and sleep quickly. Undoubtedly the stress will go away!

5. Crying

Crying can also be a powerful way to relieve fatigue and boredom. If we hold on to our feelings for too long, stress will surely arise.

Don't hesitate to separate yourself for a moment, and then take the time to release all your feelings by crying. Another alternative is that you can tell your problem to a friend.

Even if it doesn't solve the problem, you will feel more relieved afterwards.

6. Sleep 

Sleep, especially the deep sleep phase until dreaming or commonly called rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. This is a good stress reliever.

Els Van der Helm, a doctoral candidate in psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, disclosed this.

According to him, dreaming while sleeping is useful for minimising the causes of the stress connected to the brain. So if you feel stressed, try to sleep for a while!

7. Light Exercise

It's no secret that regular exercise can make it easier for someone to deal with stress. Yoga, tai chi, aerobics, or fitness, besides improving posture, can also improve the production of endorphins in the body.

These endorphins are natural painkillers for the brain. Alternatively, try exercising with friends when you're stressed, like basketball, soccer, or going for a morning run.

8. Create with Make-Up

If you like to wear make-up, being creative with make-up is a great way to eliminate stress! This is because playing with makeup can lead to a sense of satisfaction.

After all, which woman doesn't like to feel beautiful? Mind wasting makeup only to have it removed again? Just watch tutorials from your favourite beauty vloggers/influencers!

9. Watch Funny Videos

On the internet, there are hundreds or even thousands of funny videos that you can watch at any time. Otherwise, watch your favourite TV show or variety show!

10. Worship

If you are late but don't know whom to complain to, 'chatting' for a moment with God can be a powerful fatigue reliever.

Worship will not suddenly solve all problems, but it can help make you feel calmer and ready to face them.

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11. Writing

Spill all the worries that flash in your heart and mind through writing! Various writing mediums can relieve stress, such as blogs, Tumblr, personal websites, notebooks, or even captions on social media.

You don't have to write about personal problems; write about things you enjoy, such as book reviews, movies, cooking recipes, or opinions on social issues.

12. Read Comics

Reading comics is another quick way to get rid of stress! Reading comics can not only be done by buying directly at the bookstore.

You can enjoy comics from your smartphone or e-reader like Kobo or Kindle. Reading only takes 10-15 minutes; the stress is gone!

13. Shopping 

Shopping is scientifically proven as a way to get rid of stress, you know! Based on a survey published by researchers from the University of Michigan, United States, retail therapy or shopping is 40 times more effective in relieving stress than other methods.

Especially now that shopping can be done online. No need to leave the house. Just browse, choose and order your dream item and it will be yours!

14. Avoid Gadgets for a Moment

Do you believe that your gadgets can be a source of stress and depression that you experience yourself?

A study by researchers from the University of California states that gadgets can stress a person.

Researchers reveal that highly active gadget users are even five times more prone to depression.

15. Caring for Animals

Many studies have shown that having a pet is a good way to avoid stress.

You can try it by raising pets such as cats, dogs, birds, fish and others.

The first step to eliminating stress is to identify the cause first. After that, deal with the ways that you think is the most effective. Among the ways to relieve stress above, which is the most effective for you?

If you are good at doing these two things, dealing with all kinds of pressure will be easier. Good luck, and don't forget to enjoy life and love yourself. Don't let the stress you're experiencing lead to depression; to make it safer, it’s a good idea to read the articles we have previously published about the characteristics of depression.

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