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What Is Arthritis? Know the Causes, Symptoms, and How to Treat It

What Is Arthritis? Know the Causes, Symptoms, and How to Treat It - How often do you get joint pain, rheumatic pain, or stiffness when doing activities? If the intensity is frequent enough, you could get arthritis!

Arthritis or joint inflammation is a condition of inflammation or inflammation in the joints, which is chronic and can affect anyone, both men and women.

What Is Arthritis? Know the Causes, Symptoms, and How to Treat It
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Arthritis generally affects adults over the age of 55. Even so, you know that not under that age or threatened with this disease.

Based on data from the Ministry of Health's Basic Health Research, 10.8% of people living with arthritis in Indonesia are 15-44 years old. So, you should start being vigilant as early as possible!


Arthritis / Inflammation of the Joints in Indonesia

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In Indonesia, Arthritis or arthritis is a disease that is often found, and even the number of sufferers continues to increase every year. One in three people in Indonesia is indicated to have joint disease.

This figure can get worse as people's awareness is low to anticipate diseases that attack this joint.

Based on the 2015 Indonesia Consumer Health Profile research, 98% of Indonesian people have not bought joint medicine in the last 3 months and still underestimate this disease.


Factors Causing Arthritis / Inflammation of the Joints

The high number of people with arthritis in Indonesia is not without cause. Various factors influence the risk of arthritis. The following are factors that lead to an increased potential for arthritis:

  • Age factor
  • Heredity
  • Defects or bone abnormalities from birth
  • Have had accidents or injuries to joints and bones
  • Excess body weight or obesity Lifestyle
  • patterns and bad habits such as smoking
  • Symptoms of arthritis / Arthritis

The dangers of arthritis that surround us make everyone needs to be aware of the disease this one. Then, how to detect whether you have arthritis or not? To detect it, you need to be aware of some of the following arthritis symptoms:

  1. Joints feel stiff when you wake up
  2. Sound when friction occurs in the joints
  3. Hard lumps that appear in the joint area
  4. Swelling of the joints
  5. Pain or aching pain in the joint area when moving
  6. Reduced flexibility
  7. Easy to get tired when doing activities

How to Treat Arthritis / Arthritis at Home

So, what if some of you suffer from some of the symptoms above? If this happens for a long time, don't hesitate to see a doctor for proper medical treatment.

For those who prefer natural ingredients, you can easily use home ingredients. Here are natural home remedies that you can use to relieve arthritis pain and inflammation:


1. Turmeric

The curcuminoids in turmeric can reduce inflammation and pain in the joints. A study in the United States found that turmeric preparations were more effective in reducing pain and swelling.

Turmeric is claimed to be more effective than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as diclofenac. Curcumin suppresses inflammatory activity or processes and is an antidote to free radicals.


2. Ginger

Ginger is a spice with myriad benefits for the human body. Ginger also contains flavonoids and antioxidants, which can work as natural anti-inflammatories.

Osteoarthritis sufferers said they experienced a drastic reduction in pain after taking 225 milligrams (mg) of ginger supplements regularly for six months.

You can use ginger to overcome the side effects of arthritis, such as intense nausea.


3. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is believed to have properties as an anti-inflammatory agent. Cinnamon can help reduce inflammation when used in the right doses.

Because excessive use can cause blood clots, please take advantage of cinnamon as a food ingredient mixture or serve it in tea.


4. Fish Oil

According to a nutritionist in the United States, Kim Larson, fish oil has a very high omega-3 content, especially in tuna and mackerel.

Omega 3 can prevent inflammation and reduce symptoms associated with joint pain.

Watching for arthritis or arthritis from an early age is very useful for maintaining healthy joints in the future. So, you can spend your old age doing the various activities you want without worrying about joint problems?

Thus a brief explanation of What it Is Arthritis? Know the Causes, Symptoms, and How to Treat It. It may be useful.

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