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20 Foods That Are Good for Heart Health, Easy to Find!

20 Foods That Are Good for Heart Health, Easy to Find! - Heart disease is closely related to cholesterol levels in the blood. Therefore, don't be surprised if most healthy foods for the heart contain ingredients that can lower blood cholesterol levels.

This is because the root of heart disease is the level of bad cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein or LDL) that is too high so that it sticks to the walls of the arteries to form plaque. This plaque then blocks blood flow throughout the body, including the heart.

20 Foods That Are Good for Heart Health, Easy to Find!

Blockages in blood vessels then cause heart attacks which are very dangerous and certainly life-threatening. Therefore, you need to choose which foods do not cause an increase in blood cholesterol levels so that heart health is maintained.

Healthy Food for the Heart

Here's a list of healthy foods for the heart that is good for daily consumption!

1. Salmon Salmon

is a superfood for patients with heart disease because of the omega-3 content contained in salmon? Besides salmon, sardines and mackerel are also good for heart sufferers because these three fish have high omega-3 content.

Omega-3 is a healthy fat that can reduce the risk of heart rhythm disturbances and atherosclerosis and lower triglyceride levels. Eat salmon twice a week regularly every week.

Please ensure you use enough oil when processing fish; grilling can be the right choice. Apart from fresh salmon, heart disease patients can also take omega-3 supplements as an alternative.


2. Oatmeal

Oatmeal contains soluble fiber, which can lower cholesterol. Oatmeal is a sponge in the digestive tract that can absorb cholesterol, so it is excreted from the body and not absorbed into the bloodstream.

The reason is the bad cholesterol that enters the bloodstream and then accumulates into plaque, which can trigger heart disease. Oatmeal can be a great breakfast option for people with heart disease.

It's best to avoid instant oatmeal because it usually contains artificial sweeteners.


3. Chia Seeds Chia

seeds, foods that seem small but have a good impact on heart health. Heart disease is often associated with high cholesterol levels in the blood.

Chia seeds can lower bad LDL cholesterol levels because they are a source of omega-3 fatty acids and are low in calories.

You can make chia pudding, mix it into yogurt or soup, or as a topping for daily food.


4. Berries

Strawberries, blueberries, and other berries contain anthocyanins as antioxidants which play a role in preventing inflammation. This group of berries can prevent coronary heart disease.

Therefore, regular consumption of berries is very healthy for the heart. In addition, berries also have lots of fiber and nutrients that are good for the body.

You can combine oatmeal with berries to add flavor.


5. Cocoa

Cocoa or dark chocolate is included in healthy foods for the next heart. Consuming cocoa regularly can prevent mild heart attacks and early-stage strokes for people prone to these diseases.

Chocolate with 60-70% cocoa content will benefit health. On the other hand, milk chocolate is very high in sugar and calories.

Cocoa contains flavonoid compounds called polyphenols which can reduce blood pressure, constriction, and inflammation.


6. Citrus Fruit

Healthy food for the next heart is orange. Oranges contain pectin, which can prevent ischemic strokes caused by blockages.

Other ingredients in citrus fruits are flavonoids which can lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation in the arteries.

This fruit also contains hesperidin, a chemical in oranges that can increase blood flow to the heart.


7. Potatoes

One of the ingredients in potatoes that makes them good for the heart is potassium. Potassium plays a role in lowering blood pressure. Usually, people who have high blood pressure are more prone to heart attacks.

So by consuming potatoes, you are taking preventive measures for heart disease. Apart from potassium, potatoes are also rich in fiber and can reduce the chances of having a heart attack.

You can also replace your carbs with potatoes. But remember, you should not eat fried potatoes because cooking oil is a source of bad cholesterol.


8. Tomatoes

Like potatoes, tomatoes are also a good source of potassium for heart health.

Not only that, but tomatoes also contain the antioxidant lycopene, which can lower bad LDL cholesterol levels, keep blood vessels open and reduce the risk of a heart attack.

Tomatoes are also low in calories and sugar, so that they can be included in a healthy diet. There are so many beneficial ingredients in tomatoes that make them worthy of regular consumption.


9. Nuts

Almonds, walnuts, pistachios, peanuts, and macadamia are other heart-healthy foods. Almonds have sterols, fiber, and fat that are good for the heart.

Meanwhile, walnuts contain omega-3, which is widely known to be good for heart health. Many people avoid consuming nuts because of their relatively high-fat content.

However, several studies have shown that people who eat nuts regularly have a slimmer body posture.

Peanuts will positively impact the body, especially the heart, if consumed according to the measure.


10. Whole Grains

Apart from nuts, whole grains such as lentils, peas, and oats can regulate cholesterol levels in the body. Grains can also control blood sugar levels, so they are safe for consumption by people with diabetes.

Low blood sugar can prevent diabetes complications, one of which is heart disease. Grains are also a good source of protein and do not contain bad fats.

You can choose gluten-free grains because gluten can trigger heart disease and clogged arteries.


11. Olives

Next, olives also have properties that support heart health. Fruit and olive oil are good for consumption by those with heart disease.

Olive oil is obtained from crushed olives. You may meet olive oil more often because you can use olive oil instead of regular vegetable oil.

Olive oil contains monounsaturated fats and antioxidants, which remove bad cholesterol from the body, so the heart condition improves.

Not only that but olives can also lower blood sugar levels. You can also consume olives as a salad ingredient.


12. Avocado Fruit

Avocado is another food that contains monounsat, curated fat that is beneficial for heart health. The fat in avocados is a good fat that is safe for consumption by heart disease patients.

Besides effectively reducing bad cholesterol, avocados can also help overcome blood clots.


13. Pomegranate

The fruit dilemma may be one of the less popular healthy foods for the heart. But in fact, pomegranate contains high levels of antioxidants such as polyphenols and anthocyanins.

A study proves that juice from pomegranates can improve blood flow to the heart. Pomegranates have a nutritional content similar to apples.

So, you can make these two fruits an alternative to the body's fruit intake.


14. Apples

As previously mentioned, apples and pomegranates are nutritionally similar. One of the ingredients they have is polyphenols. But unique polyphenols in apples are found in apple skin.

Therefore, it is better to eat apples without peeling the skin. In addition, apples help protect the heart because of their probiotic content.

Probiotics serve as 'food' for beneficial bacteria in the gut, which can also protect the heart.

Eating apples every day can keep you away from the doctor.


15. Broccoli, Spinach, and Kale

A healthy diet will never escape green vegetables. Green vegetables contain carotenoid compounds that act as antioxidants and fight any compounds that can harm the body's health, especially the heart.

Broccoli, spinach, and kale are fiber-rich and contain many vitamins and minerals the body needs. Some green vegetables, such as kale, also contain omega-3, which is a good fat intake for the body.

The body consumes more good fats; the heart will be increasingly spared from problems.


16. Make Bits

Beetroot has a unique content, namely a bioactive compound called betalain. It is this compound that gives beets their purplish-red color.

Betalain has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory abilities that play a role in protecting several systems in the body, including heart health. The natural nitrate content in beets can dilate blood vessels to lower blood pressure.

Making beetroot can also reduce the overstimulation of the nervous system that occurs with heart disease. You can enjoy beets as a salad ingredient or make them into fruit juice.


17. Shallots and Garlic

Onions such as shallots and garlic can also support heart health, so they are foods suitable for people with heart disease.

Onions and garlic can reduce inflammation, preventing blockages in the arteries.

Onions and garlic also contain sulfur compounds known to dilate blood vessels and support blood circulation.


18. Foods Enriched with Sterols

Sterols and stanols are the most potent ingredients in maintaining heart health. These two ingredients can be found in some margarine, soy, almond, and orange juice.

Sterols and stanols can fight cholesterol by blocking the intestine so it cannot absorb cholesterol.

If you eat foods that contain plant sterols and stanols, your LDL levels can drop by up to 10% without interfering with high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels in the body.


19. Green Grapes 

A study states that green grapes can be efficacious for maintaining heart health and protecting it from life-threatening diseases.

Green grapes themselves are known to contain lots of nutrients. Such as vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium, and iron to phosphorus.


20. Edamame

Healthy food for the last heart is edamame. In Japan, edamame is served as an appetizer. The protein in edamame can lower cholesterol levels. Decreased cholesterol levels mean that the heart will most likely avoid problems.

A cup of edamame has 8 grams of heart-healthy fiber, the equivalent of four slices of whole wheat bread.

If you have heart disease or are in the stage of having high cholesterol levels in your blood that have the potential to attack the heart, you must manage a healthy diet to avoid even more serious illnesses. That's info on 20 Foods That Are Good for Heart Health; easy to Find!, Hope this is useful.

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