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15 Foods that Gout Sufferers Must Avoid

15 Foods that Gout Sufferers Must Avoid - So that things don't get worse, please avoid the following uric acid taboo foods and never violate them! Gout is a disease that attacks the joints. This disease can cause prolonged pain in certain parts of the body. Gout sufferers can have difficulty moving and walking.

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The deposition of uric acid causes gout in the joints. There are several foods to avoid if you have both moderate and acute gout. This is because several types of food can trigger or even increase uric acid levels in your body.

In general, foods to avoid are foods that have high purine levels. Read on to find out what foods gout sufferers should not eat so your body condition doesn't get worse and you can live healthier lives.

Signs of Uric Acid Attacking the Body

Gout can come to anyone. Especially for those who have an unbalanced nutritional intake. Therefore, let's first identify some of the signs of uric acid that has started to attack the body, such as:

  • Joints suddenly feel sore
  • Difficulty walking due to disturbing pain, especially at night
  • Pain that develops quickly within a few hours, then accompanied by intense pain, swelling, burning sensation, and reddish rashes on the skin of the joints
  • When the symptoms subside, and the swelling goes down, the skin of the joints will become dry and itchy
  • A lump appeared on the joint

Avoid if you have gout. Listen in full and remember carefully

15 Foods that Gout Sufferers Must Avoid
Image source: Hello Sehat

1. Candy

Gout sufferers also have restrictions on sweet foods or snacks that contain high sugar—one of the foods with high levels of sugar and calories in various types of candy. 

Even though chewing candy can give you momentary happiness, this junk food contains fructose syrup that gout sufferers should avoid because fructose can stimulate the formation of uric acid.

2. Ice Cream

Apart from candy, other sweet foods, such as ice cream, should be avoided by gout sufferers. Ice cream has good healthy ingredients, but the milk content has relatively high fat. Moreover, there are additional sweeteners that contain sugar.

3. Crackers and Chips

Like snacking on crackers or chips? For those of you who suffer from gout, this is taboo. Consuming crackers excessively can affect uric acid levels in plasma and urine. 

Despite their small and slim size, processed crackers and chips are high in calories, sugar, and fat. Avoid eating with the addition of crackers to reduce the effects of uric acid, which causes pain.

4. Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol is a rich source of purines; alcoholic beverages can also increase the metabolism of additional nucleotides or purines. Alcoholic drinks have a significant effect on uric acid levels in the blood. 

Therefore, friends must stop or at least limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages. In men, the average level of drinking alcohol is no more than three glasses. Meanwhile, women should not be more than two glasses.

5. Red Meat

Even though the purine content is not too high, red meat consumption should still be reduced or, if possible, completely avoided. Meats in this category include beef, goat, pork, and poultry. 

If you still want to consume meat, eating only the heart and getting the heart of the fat is advisable.

6. Offal

Gout sufferers must know that consuming excess offal can trigger gout symptoms, such as aches and difficulty moving. Waste contains high purines, so it must be completely avoided so that the condition does not get worse.

7. Vegetables

Some vegetables are not suitable for gout sufferers, you know. Some vegetables with high purine levels to avoid are spinach, peas, cauliflower, and mushrooms. 

You can still consume the vegetables above, but not in large quantities so as not to exacerbate gout and its symptoms.

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8. Fish

With sea conditions starting to be filled with harmful waste and poisons, you must be more careful in consuming fish. 

Apart from the sea conditions, which are not very conducive to fish quality and can be detrimental to health, the high purine content in fish is also not suitable for gout sufferers. Fish included in the taboo for people with gout are tuna, anchovies, mackerel, and trout.

9. Seafood

Fish and other types of seafood are also included in the food that is not good for consumption by gout sufferers. Some of these foods are crabs, shellfish, and fish eggs. 

This is because the purine content in seafood is relatively high and can worsen your uric acid condition.

10. Sugar

Excessive sugar consumption is dangerous for overall health and especially for gout sufferers. 

This is because excessive sugar consumption can trigger symptoms of gout and rheumatism, as well as exacerbate crystallization and deposition in the joints.

11. Packaged

Beverages such as soda and packaged juices contain very high sugar. Well, not only exacerbate gout symptoms such as aches and pains, excessive sugar consumption can cause other diseases such as diabetes and obesity.

12. Even though honey and syrup

are good for overall body health; it turns out that love is one of the foods you should avoid if you have gout. Honey and syrup contain high levels of sugar and fructose. 

These two ingredients are unsuitable for gout sufferers because they can trigger gout symptoms. For a healthier and better alternative for gout sufferers, you can consume black honey as a natural herbal remedy. 

13. Yeast

Any food that contains yeast, either supplements or additions to food, is not suitable for gout sufferers, you know. This is because yeast contains purines. 

Even though the purine level is not as high as in organ meats and other meats, gout sufferers should still avoid foods that contain yeast because they can exacerbate gout symptoms, especially if uric acid levels in the body are high enough.

14. Gout sufferers should aves Processed

carbohydrates such as white bread, cakes, and cookies. The content of yeast in bread and low nutrition can increase uric acid levels in the body. 

For healthier choices, you can choose wheat bread which is more nutritious and good for digestion and body health.

15. Offal

other types of food that are prohibited from uric acid are offal. This food ingredient is indeed very delicious when made into dishes. However, organ meats such as beef liver, beef brain, and chicken intestine have very high purine levels.

Therefore, overeating offal can increase purine levels in the body, which triggers an increase in uric acid. Finally, uric acid will crystallize in the joints and cause pain.

That's the list of foods included in the taboo for gout sufferers. So that the uric acid condition doesn't worsen, let’s live a healthy life and avoid the foods included in the taboos above!

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