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10 Tips for Using Contact Lenses: Safe & Not Sore

10 Tips for Using Contact Lenses: Safe & Not Sore - Softlens, also known as contact lenses, are an alternative to glasses for those with vision problems. In addition, contact lenses are also often used in fashion because of their various motifs and shapes.

But, before using contact lenses, you must pay attention to a few things first. Such as selecting contact lenses according to the shape of the eye, how to use them correctly, to the side effects that will be caused.

10 Tips for Using Contact Lenses: Safe & Not Sore

That way, you become more alert and avoid the harmful effects. To avoid being mistaken, here are tips for using contact lenses for beginners that are safe and not painful, along with the impact of using contact lenses for beginners!

How to Use Safe Contact Lenses

Though there are risks, you can still use them. However, you should pay attention to several things when using contact lenses.

To look beautiful safely, let's look at tips on using contact lenses so that your eyes don't get red and other things you need to know before wearing contact lenses.

1. Check Eye Conditions

Before switching from glasses to contact lenses, it's a good idea to consult a doctor first. This is because only some people are suitable for using contact lenses; maybe your eyes are allergic to the materials contained in contact lenses.

To minimize the occurrence of allergies, infections, and further eye damage, you should check the condition of your eyes first.

2. Softlens Quality

Avoid being tempted by low-priced soft lenses. Before buying contact lenses, it's a good idea to find out the quality and see reviews from people who have previously purchased and used the contact lenses you want to buy.

3. Maintain Cleanliness

Before using contact lenses or removing them, please ensure your hands are clean. Wash your hands using clean water and anti-germicidal soap.

Also, please make sure you don't have long nails because long nails can become a breeding ground for germs and scratch the contact lens, which can cause the contact lens to tear. please make sure

4. Usage Time

Do not use contact lenses for more than 8 hours because using contact lenses for a long time will make the eyes uncomfortable and allow bacteria to develop.

Remember to pay attention to the expiration date for contact lenses and replace them with new ones if they have passed the expiration date. Generally, the expiration date for contact lenses is 6-12 months.

In addition, if you start to feel uncomfortable with the contact lens you are using, immediately remove the contact lens.

5. Remove Softlens Before Sleeping and Swimming

Softlens used all day can be a nest for germs and viruses that can damage eyeballs. So, please remember to remove contact lenses before you sleep, shower, and swim.

The water in swimming pools contains chemicals and parasites that can cause irritation, infection, and even blindness. Apart from that, you can use contact lenses outside the house.

You should remove your contact lenses and switch to glasses at home.

6. Carry contact lens equipment when traveling

For those who like to travel and do activities outside the home, make it a habit to carry contact lens equipment such as eye drops, liquids, and contact lens cases. So if you feel uncomfortable with contact lenses, you can take them off at any time.

Remember to bring your glasses, too, so that when you take off your contact lenses, you can use them to help your vision.

7. Avoid dusty places

Avoid dusty areas as much as possible because the dust can stick to contact lenses, irritating eyeballs.

If forced to be in a dusty place, use protection such as regular glasses (not minus/plus/cylinder), or clean the contact lens after being exposed to dust.

8. Use Auxiliary Tools

Attaching contact lenses to the eyes is very easy for some people. But for some others, this is tough, especially if it's your first time using it.

Well, you can use tools to attach contact lenses. Make sure the device is adequately cleaned before use, OK!

9. Keep Your Eyes Moist

After a long time sticking to the eye, contact lenses will dry out and cause discomfort to the eyes. Therefore, when using contact lenses, you need to drip a special liquid to moisturize your eyes. Apply this liquid to the eyes every two hours.

10. Washing contact lenses

After use, remember to clean and soak contact lenses using clean contact lens liquid. The way to wash contact lenses is straightforward: gently rub them with clean hands and then rinse them with contact lens cleaning fluid.

This method can also be used to clean sore contact lenses. Remove the contact lens when it feels painful, then wash it in the above way.

The Effects of Using Softlens for Beginners

Contact lenses are safe if you follow the correct usage instructions and always keep contact lenses clean. However, several risks arise when inappropriately using contact lenses. Anything? Here's the info!

1. Dry Eyes

Using contact lenses for a long time can cause dry eyes. This condition causes pain, burning, or a gritty sensation like something is in the eye.

This is because contact lenses absorb most of the natural tears so that they can interfere with the function of the tear film, which should clean dust or dirt in the eye and be a lubricant so that the eyes are not dry and comfortable.

2. Red Eyes

Conjunctivitis or red eyes can occur if you use contact lenses for a long time or even days until you don't take them off. As a result, apart from dryness, the eyes also become red, and some underestimate this condition. If not appropriately handled, the problem of red eyes can cause more severe complications.

3. Lack of Oxygen

Apart from affecting the tear film, contact lenses can also irritate the eye’s cornea. This is because the contact lens is directly on the surface of the eyeball and covers the entire cornea so that the amount of oxygen reaching the eye can be reduced. On the other hand, oxygen supply is essential for maintaining eye health.

4. Allergies and Eye Infections The

long-term effects of using contact lenses for too long can cause eye infections or allergies. This occurs due to corneal abrasion or an allergic reaction from the chemicals contained in the lens fluid. So, it is better to consult an ophthalmologist before using contact lenses.

How do you understand how to use contact lenses, so you don't get sore? You have to follow all the steps to avoid unwanted things like irritation.

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