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11 Ways to Overcome Insomnia Naturally

11 Ways to Overcome Insomnia Naturally - Lack of sleep at night causes stamina and concentration to drop dramatically. Of course, this is at risk of torturing the sufferer because it is difficult to focus on doing or carrying out daily activities. That’s why insomnia can be harmful to the health of the body.

Various efforts have been made to overcome this condition. Not a few people take sleeping pills to sleep soundly. However, sleeping pills are not suitable for body health. Summarizing to the Mayo Clinic, sleeping pills are at risk of causing side effects such as headaches, digestive problems, prolonged sleepiness, and severe allergic reactions.

11 Ways to Overcome Insomnia Naturally

So, how to deal with insomnia? Friends can take natural insomnia remedies as an alternative. There have been many people who have proven the effectiveness of this natural insomnia remedy.

Remedies that you can try. Starting from the familiar to hear, many people rarely know that. Well, for more details, see how to deal with insomnia naturally below

1. Chamomile

Tea Chamomile tea is a concoction made from dried chamomile flowers. For thousands of years, this chamomile tea has often been used as a treatment, including the problem of sleeping difficulties.

Research published in the Journal of Advanced Nursing states that consuming chamomile tea for two weeks can reduce sleep problems and depression in mothers who have just given birth.

The relaxing effect of warm chamomile tea can cause drowsiness. Therefore, if you have insomnia, you can try consuming it. Overcome insomnia and various health benefits you can get from this drink.

2. Valerian Root

Maybe some of you are still unfamiliar with the valerian root. However, this herb from Asia and Europe is commonly used to treat various health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and menopause.

Quoted from a study published in the NCBI, valerian root also serves as a natural insomnia remedy commonly used in the United States and Europe.

However, some people experience side effects such as dizziness after using it. So, if you want to use valerian root, you should still consult your doctor to minimize possible side effects.

3. Lavender

This flower, which is identical to the color of the bed, comes from France and has been around since Ancient Roman times. Not only does it look beautiful, but lavender also has benefits for naturally treating insomnia.

Research from the journal Explores found that inhaling lavender before bed can promote better sleep and provide more energy during the day. Some studies show that the benefits of overcoming insomnia are inseparable from its linalool component.

4. Passion Flower

Originating from the Southeastern part of America, the passion flower (passiflora incarnate) is famous for its properties to overcome the problem of sleeping difficulties.

This benefit has been proven by several studies, such as one from the International Clinical Psychopharmacology. The study showed that insomniacs who took passion flower extract for two weeks experienced improvements in their sleep parameters than those who took a placebo.

However, more in-depth research is still needed to prove the effectiveness and safety of passion flowers for insomniacs.

5. Kava

This type of herbal medicine from the Pacific islands is root-based, making it taste like mud water. This is what causes people not to like to eat it.

Many benefits can be met from kava, not least for treating insomnia. A small study found that there was an improvement in sleep quality in insomniacs who were given 120 mg daily for six weeks.

However, there are concerns that kava can be harmful to the liver. So, consult your doctor first if you want to consume it.

6. Warm Milk

Many people consume warm milk for breakfast, either taken directly or mixed with other foods. However, who would have thought? It turns out that drinking warm milk before bed could help you overcome insomnia naturally.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, these drinks contain tryptophan, which can trigger drowsiness. Tryptophan works by increasing the amount of serotonin, which is a natural sedative hormone in the brain.

7. Pure Honey

Besides warm milk, honey also contains tryptophan nutrients. This content provides a calming effect and, at the same time, signals the body to go to sleep.

Honey’s carbohydrates also help send a certain amount of serotonin to the brain faster. Thus, consuming honey can make you fall asleep soundly.

8. Goji Berry

Although still less prevalent in our homeland, goji berry has unexpected benefits. Besides functioning as an anti-aging, it is also known to help insomniacs sleep well.

There are various goji berries ingredients that can relax and help sleep, such as melatonin, magnesium, and thiamin. As reported by Medical News Today, drinking goji berry juice can improve mood and sleep quality without causing adverse effects.

9. Bananas

Next, how to overcome insomnia naturally is to eat bananas. Making bananas as a snack before bed is very good for triggering drowsiness.

Launching from The Sleep Charity, the function of this one fruit is inseparable from its magnesium and potassium content which help relax stressed muscles. It also contains tryptophan which can stimulate the production of brain-soothing hormones.

10. Kiwifruit

Not only bananas but kiwi fruit is also suitable for insomniacs. A study published in the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that consuming two kiwis one hour before bedtime for four weeks could significantly increase sleep speed, amount of sleep time, and efficiency.

To get the benefits, you need to consume it directly. To try eating differently, mix kiwi with vanilla yogurt and granola.

11. Fish

According to Psychology Today, omega-three fatty acids can help improve sleep quality, help sleep faster, and provide more energy during the day. One food source of omega-3 is fish.

The high vitamin D content in fish also plays a vital role in helping sleep. There are many types of fish that you can consume to treat insomnia, namely salmon, tuna, mackerel, and tuna.

Those are some ways that friends can do to overcome insomnia naturally. If you have tried the various methods above and are still experiencing insomnia, immediately consult a doctor to get the best treatment.

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