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9 Diseases That Emerge Due to Poor Air Quality Beware!

9 Diseases That Emerge Due to Poor Air Quality Beware! - Diseases arising from poor air quality are not just breathing, friends. Pollution, as most people know, can cause asthma or respiratory infections. But, in addition to all that, corruption is also capable of causing chronic heart disease.

In Indonesia, several areas have poor air levels. DKI Jakarta once occupied the top row of cities with the highest pollutants, according to IQAir, in mid-2022.

9 Diseases That Emerge Due to Poor Air Quality Beware!
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This poses a severe threat to public health in Jakarta and its surroundings. Like it or not, all elements of society must work together to reduce exhaust emissions. You can help reduce emissions by using public transportation to get anywhere.

Types of Diseases That Appear Due to Poor Air Quality 

Several diseases arise due to poor air quality. In addition to the lungs, pollution can cause skin, blood circulation, and eye disturbances.

1. Eye, Nose, and Throat Irritation

Air pollution can cause eye and nose irritation. Eye irritation from mild to severe can occur due to continuous exposure to air pollution. Air pollution also irritates the sensitive mucous membranes of the nose.

The presence of ozone-pollutant substances causes all. This substance is present due to the sun’s reaction with primary pollutants such as NO and NO2. Apart from being outside, inside an air-conditioned room also emit pollutants called CFCs or Chlorofluorocarbons.

Air pollution can also cause sore throat or pharyngitis. A viral or bacterial infection causes this disease but it can also be due to excessive air pollution and dust entering the throat.

2. Dizziness and Migraine

Air pollution can make you dizzy. This is by research conducted by the National Headache Foundation, which has examined the effects of various kinds of corruption in the province of Santiago, Chile. This province of Chile is one of the areas that have the worst air quality in the world.

The area contains various air pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide, dust, etc. The use of fuel for transportation has an impact on the cause of headaches. However, ozone is a pollutant substance that is closely related to the incidence of headaches.

In the study, they explained that the incidence of headaches due to high pollution was migraine. This throbbing headache usually occurs on one side of the head. If a person is exposed to increased air pollution, he tends to have migraines.

3. Cardiovascular Disease

Friends, did you know that air pollution can harden the heart arteries? For information, arteries are arteries that function to spread oxygen-filled blood to all parts of the body. Its role is so vital that it will interfere with blood circulation if disturbed.

This is by the exposure of a cardiovascular specialist at the University of Michigan, Robert D. Brook, MD. He said that pollution irritates the nerve fibers of the lungs, which causes blood to clot and then damages them. Until it finally triggers heart attacks, strokes, and even death.

4. Acute respiratory infection (ARI)

One problem that often arises due to air pollution is acute respiratory infection or ARI. This infection can occur due to air quality pollution, not just a viral or bacterial infection. Toddlers and people with weak immune systems can easily be exposed to ARI.

Symptoms of ARI usually include coughing, sneezing, nasal congestion, runny nose, fever, coughing up phlegm, shortness of breath, and so on. Usually, these symptoms will subside over a few weeks, but if they persist and worsen, you need to see a doctor.

5. Asthma

Asthma is a chronic respiratory tract disease characterized by shortness of breath due to inflammation or narrowing of the respiratory tract. This disease causes symptoms in the form of shortness of breath, chest feels heavy, and coughing.

People with asthma need a breathing apparatus called an inhaler or nebulizer. Both devices have asthma medications in liquid or powder inhaled through the mouth. When asthma attacks, this tool will help control breathing to be expected.

People with asthma are very unsuitable for living in areas with poor air quality. This area will worsen their asthma because air pollution substances trigger asthma relapse sufferers.

6. Pneumonia or wet lungs

Diseases that arise from poor air quality are pneumonia or wet lungs. Many harmful substances in the air then enter the lungs and cause inflammation.

The respiratory tract becomes infected, and people with this disease experience shortness of breath, cough with phlegm, and fever. Pneumonia is very susceptible to children and people who inhale tobacco smoke directly.

7. Bronchopneumonia

Bronchopneumonia is an inflammatory infection of the airways, bronchi, and air sacs (alveoli). This disease makes the airways narrow, and the area of air with blood decreases.

People with bronchopneumonia experience difficulty breathing, similar to the symptoms of bronchitis. Exposure to air pollution causes an increased risk of developing respiratory infections and Bronchopneumonia.

8. Lung cancer

Areas with poor air quality will be threatened with lung cancer. Inhaling pollution continuously for a long time without protection will cause inflammation and build-up, triggering lung cancer. Lung cells are damaged.

Symptoms of lung cancer include coughing, runny nose, headaches, asthma, chest pain, and coughing up blood. Those who cough accompanied by blood should immediately see a doctor and ensure they are safe from any symptoms.

9. Increases the Risk of Alzheimer

It is a brain disease that causes decreased memory, ability to think and speak, and brain structure changes that lead to the death of brain cells. Until now, there has been no cure for Alzheimer's.

Based on research conducted by Lancaster University scientists on the brain tissue of 37 deceased people aged between 3 and 92 years who lived in two cities with high levels of air pollution, Mexico City and Manchester. The researchers found tiny Magnetite particles in the dead man's brain.

Magnetite is a mineral harmful to the brain that is spread through air pollution. This has something to do with the brains of people with Alzheimer's. Sometimes there is more metal in the brain, but I don't know where it came from.

All right, friends, that's a disease that arises due to poor air quality in an area. Air pollution is now everywhere, along with the development of industry and transportation. Start to have a lifestyle that reduces air pollution, starting by departing by public transit.

Because there is air pollution everywhere, wear a mask if you want to go out. Friends can reduce air pollution and free radicals entering the respiratory tract using a show.

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