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10 Mandatory Health Products to Prevent Corona Virus

10 Mandatory Health Products to Prevent Corona Virus - The deadly coronavirus outbreak began to be discovered at the end of December 2019. Since then, this disease has shaken the whole world, even being declared a global health emergency.

The 2019-nCoV virus or "Wuhan coronavirus" originated in Wuhan, China, and has infected dozens of countries worldwide. This virus is straightforward to spread and reportedly started through wild animals.

10 Mandatory Health Products to Prevent Corona Virus

This disease has symptoms similar to flu and fever but is accompanied by mild to acute respiratory distress. So far, there has been no cure for the deadly coronavirus or a vaccine to prevent the virus. Therefore, it is essential to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Mandatory Health Products to Prevent Corona Virus

Check out the mandatory products below that can help avoid the coronavirus!

1. Mask Filter 3M N95

Masks can protect you from bacteria and viruses in public. N95 covers explicitly used for breathing are one of the optimal masks to prevent the coronavirus.

According to the researchers, surgical masks are ineffective because there are gaps that allow bacteria to enter or exit quickly.

However, this N95 Mask has a small opening, which helps protect the respiratory tract more effectively.

2. Infrared Digital Thermometer

One of the symptoms of coronavirus is a high body temperature. The average human body temperature ranges from 36-38 degrees Celsius (C). On top of that, you should check with a doctor to ensure you are not exposed to the coronavirus or other dangerous diseases.

Other common symptoms of coronavirus are coughing runny nose, and shortness of breath, noticeable about 2 to 14 days after infection.

Due to fever symptoms, it is advisable to check body temperature with a thermometer daily for immediate treatment.

3. Antiseptic Soap

Washing hands is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infection from various diseases.

It is recommended to wash hands with antiseptic soap at least 20 seconds after using the bathroom, before eating, and after coughing or sneezing.

This type of soap will free your hands from bacteria or viruses that cause disease.

4. Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is another efficient alternative if you don't have water and antiseptic soap access. Make sure you use a hand sanitizer with a minimum alcohol content of 60% to kill bacteria effectively.

One that you can rely on is Aseptic Gel Antiseptic. This product has 70% alcohol content and skin-softening ingredients, making it one of the most influential and popular hand sanitizers for preventing infection.

5. Antiseptic Wet Wipes Wet

wipes are a quick and efficient way to kill germs on the surface of objects or hands when you are outside the house.

Many wet wipes are sold without alcohol, which is generally used for babies—making it a better alternative for sensitive skin.

You can also use antiseptic wet wipes to clean your work, study desk, and laptop surface to be safe from germs.

6. UV Care Pocket Sterilizer

Ultraviolet (UV) sterilizer is a powerful technology for the disinfection of liquids, air, and hard surfaces. This product uses UV-C light to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs.

UV sterilizers are generally used to sterilize baby bottles. However, this UV Sterilizer Care Pocket is compact and easy to carry everywhere.

You can kill germs on the surface of everyday objects such as computer keyboards, toothbrushes, makeup tools, and more.

7. Vitamin C

A sound immune system can prevent any disease, including this coronavirus—no wonder the primary sufferers of the coronavirus are those aged 65+ and with other conditions.

To have a robust immune system, getting enough sleep, being diligent in activities, and maintaining a healthy diet are recommended. In addition, vitamin C supplements can also help prevent the coronavirus.

Vitamin C is high in antioxidants and helps strengthen the body's immunity.

8. Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 has many advantages, including maintaining our immune system. According to the researchers, this vitamin can reduce the percentage of influenza by 42%.

By preventing other diseases, you can also control the coronavirus. Apart from vitamin products, you can also get this vitamin from eating foods such as salmon and eggs.

9. Air Disinfectant

The most practical way is to rely on water disinfectant products to keep the air clean and free from germs that cause disease.

One of them is a product from Ikyusan. This product cleans the air in a closed room or car.

Besides helping to eradicate bacteria and germs, this product makes the room fresh and fragrant. Ikyusan Air Disinfectant is made with natural ingredients, so it is safe for your little one's breathing.

10. Food thermometer

Animals are one of the mediums through which the coronavirus can spread to humans. In addition to being careful with physical contact with animals, pay attention to the food consumed daily.

Foods such as meat and eggs can be a means for the virus to grow, and it is recommended to be cooked thoroughly to a specific temperature. A food thermometer can make it easier and ensure this process is done correctly. That's a list of products that can help prevent the coronavirus.

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