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15 Healthy Foods for Diabetics that Stay Delicious

15 Healthy Foods for Diabetics that Stay Delicious – If not controlled, diabetes can cause other serious diseases such as heart disease, cancer, blindness, and even death.

For a person with diabetes, some food restrictions can be consumed for health reasons. Some foods that should be avoided generally are foods with high calories, sugar, and complex carbohydrates. Although it cannot be cured entirely, there are several ways to keep blood sugar levels in the body stable. One is to improve a healthy lifestyle and care for what foods are consumed.

15 Healthy Foods for Diabetics that Stay Delicious
Image Source: Diabetic Foodie

Let's look at the various healthy foods recommended for people with diabetes to avoid getting bored with the same food menu.

Food for Diabetics

1.  Mi Shirataki

Maybe you are already familiar with the types of food that are usually used as the main ingredients for dishes such as mental or other Japanese dishes. Mi Shirataki is a food that is good for people with diabetes and maintaining weight.

The glucomannan content in shirataki noodles can reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease in people with diabetes.

You can combine shirataki noodles with fish with healthy fats such as salmon and tuna to make the food taste more delicious and nutritious.

2. Green Vegetable

vegetables are an excellent source of nutrients for the body. Green vegetables are also low in carbohydrates.

So it is suitable for diabetics consumption because high carbohydrate consumption can increase blood sugar levels.

Some green vegetables, such as kale and spinach, are rich in minerals and vitamin C, which can stabilize blood sugar levels for people with type 2 diabetes.

You can make side dishes with green vegetables by sautéing, steaming, or boiling. Vary the way of making and add spices or herbs to taste so that the food remains delicious and you don't get bored.

3.  Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a spice or kitchen spice used to complement desserts, known for its strong taste. The content of cinnamon is very beneficial for people with diabetes.

Several studies show that cinnamon can lower blood sugar levels, lower hemoglobin, and increase insulin sensitivity, which is very good for people with diabetes and lowers cholesterol levels.

It is recommended to consume pure cinnamon so that it does not contain much coumarin, which is not so good for health.

4.  Eggs

Eggs are one of the main ingredients that can be included in the diet for diabetics. Eating eggs regularly can bring many benefits.

Such as lowering the risk of heart disease, reducing inflammation, increasing insulin sensitivity, improving blood sugar levels, and increasing levels of good cholesterol in the body.

The content of antioxidants in eggs can also maintain eye health which can be affected when you have diabetes.

5. Chia Seeds Chia

Seed or chia seeds are foods that fall into the superfood category and are suitable for consumption.

Chia seeds are rich in fiber which can lower blood sugar levels, and have low levels of easily digestible carbohydrates, making them suitable for people with diabetes.

Chia seeds can be added to various food and beverages, such as smoothie bowls, juices, and other foods, because of their neutral taste.

6. Turmeric

This one spice can reduce inflammation, blood sugar levels, and the risk of heart disease with its active ingredient: curcumin.

In addition, curcumin in turmeric can also maintain heart and kidney health which is very important for people with diabetes.

7. Greek Yogurt

Greek yogurt is a very good probiotic for people with diabetes. The content in this yogurt can control blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of heart disease, which usually attacks people with diabetes.

You can mix Greek yogurt with fruits that are good for diabetics, such as bananas, apples, grapes, papaya, oranges, and many more.

8. Nuts

For people with diabetes, several nuts, such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, and pistachios, are good to add to the list of foods that can be consumed when dieting.

Nuts are low in carbohydrates and can reduce blood sugar, insulin, and LDL levels. You can make nuts as a snack or add them to your smoothie bowl.

9. Olive Oil Olives

and their oil is a food that is very beneficial for heart health, especially extra virgin olive oil. The healthy oleic acid in extra virgin olive oil can lower blood pressure and keep your heart healthy.

The content also increases triglycerides, usually at unhealthy levels in diabetics.

10. Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain carbohydrates that can control blood sugar and manganese to balance blood sugar levels in the body.

Not only that, but tomatoes are also rich in vitamins that can nourish the body and maintain the immune system.

You can consume tomatoes directly, juiced, or as a complement to healthy foods that are made.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar Apple

cider vinegar, commonly known as apple cider vinegar, is very beneficial for health—especially for people with diabetes. Apple cider vinegar can increase insulin sensitivity, lower blood sugar levels, and make you feel full longer.

If the taste is too strong, you can mix a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with pure honey and warm water, then drink it on an empty stomach every morning.

However, if you have an ulcer, it is recommended not to consume apple cider vinegar too often.

12. Strawberries

Strawberries and other types of berries, such as raspberries, blueberries, and others, are one type of fruit that is suitable for consumption by people with diabetes.

This is because the water content in berries reaches more than 85%, so it can control blood sugar levels and lower cholesterol.

Strawberries can be used as an alternative snack when you are hungry and “craving” sweet food, but they are still healthy and not dangerous for people with diabetes.

13. Lemon

The content of vitamin C and soluble fiber in lemon can slow down the process of absorption of sugar into the blood. So it is very suitable for consumption by people with diabetes.

You can consume lemons by squeezing or dissolving them in drinks such as green tea. Lemons are also believed to bind excess fat in the body, you know, Toppers.

14. Garlic

Garlic is a spice with a distinctive taste that has health benefits. This spice can reduce inflammation, blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

One raw garlic clove contains only 4 calories and 1 gram of easily digestible carbohydrates. So it is perfect for people with diabetes and can give a rich taste to food.

15. Squash

Squash is a type of pumpkin vegetable that is rich in nutrients. In addition to containing antioxidants, pumpkin can reduce insulin levels and obesity and control blood sugar levels significantly.

Well, that's the type of food that is beneficial for people with diabetes. It tastes delicious, is not dull, and contains good nutrients for the body.

You can combine these foods according to the desired creation as long as you keep thinking about their content.

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